About us

UAB "Visla" was established on 4 November 1987. The company specializes on international cargo haulage and vehicle repair.
Many years of experience in international haulage business is a huge advantage of our company.
Since 1995 we have been registered members of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association "LINAVA".
At present, we own 15 standard (92-120m2) automobiles. These are tilt trailers and lorries, transportation for oversized cargo and special vans for carrying hanging garments, theatrical props, diplomatic and other important cargo.
Our company transports cargo from all European countries to the countries of Far East, Central Asia and the Caucasus (RU, BY, UA, IR, IQ, AF, MN, UZ, TJ, TM, KG, KZ, AZ, AR, GE).
The automobiles are equipped with satellite system GPS, which gives us the opportunity to receive precise information on the movement of automobile and its location. It ensures safety of the cargo, too.
Carrier’s civil liability has been insured in a reliable company in accordance with the conditions of CMR and TIR conventions.                                                                                                                                       
The company's core aim is to ensure qualified, secure and well-time services of cargo transportation. In order to reach this aim, UAB "Visla" maintains the fleet of vehicles, expedition services, long-term transportation experience as well as skilled technical personnel.
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